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About The Firm

About the Firm

For over twenty years I have enjoyed providing quality, personalized guidance to businesses and individuals, both locally and nationally. My core expertise is in tax, advisory and accounting services. Using an advisory approach, I work diligently to assist and provide the necessary tools for my clients to accomplish their goals.

For business clients, the required services are mutually established and result in a fixed price agreement that outlines the particular services to be performed. A fixed price agreement provides ongoing access to accounting, tax and business advice, within the scope of the agreement, on a fixed-price basis. Clients are not inhibited from seeking timely advice due to a concern of being charged extensive billable hours. Services are designed around fixed prices, as opposed to hourly rates, which offer access to the accumulated wisdom gained from business experience that can help enhance the company's future and achieve its business goals.

Complimentary secure, cloud-based portals are provided for business and individual clients to access their tax and financial documents anytime, anywhere an internet connection is available. An iOS or Android based mobile app puts the same information at the clients fingertips. This has become the first-step, but not the last, for more than a few clients to become as paperless as possible.

My Mission


About My Mission

My mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the present, while taking a proactive approach to achieve future goals. This requires open communication to reach an understanding of my clients' needs through research and sound analysis. I am dedicated to meeting these goals with high standards of excellence and professionalism.

My dedication to hard work has earned the respect of the business and financial community in and around the area. Whether you are a current or prospective client, rest assured that individuals and businesses who choose my firm receive competent and timely advice.


About Edward V. Dzik CPA

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Ed Dzik has more than 35 years of experience in accounting, tax and consulting, with an emphasis in the construction, commercial real estate and manufacturing service sectors. Ed provides an array of accounting services to companies from transaction processing to technical accounting assistance for complex transactions to preparation of financial reports. He also provides a wide range of tax compliance and preparation strategies for closely held businesses as well as company executives and high net worth individuals.

A graduate of La Salle University, Ed is a Certified Public Accountant in Pennsylvania and a member of the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Usually one of the first questions is how to say Ed's last name. The "Dz" is pronounced like a "J", so Dzik sounds like the "gic" in the word "magic".